Rent Plus


JET-SET agency in an exclusive coperation with ALLIANZ insurance offers you the insurance of your household and other property. Your lessees are not the owners; they had not created what you rented. Their relation to the property and its values is not the same as yours. In our practise we came across the cases where estates have been ruined. Legal proceedings are long and too expensive and often without a result.

Sleep tight, protect your assets.

We are pleased to offer our aLLIANZ Home+. Besides all other privilages ALLIANZ insurence offers a special discount of 10% for all the insurance policies concluded by our agency

Why ALLIANZ Home+ ?
  • Because this is the insurance for new value, according to ˝old for new˝ principle!
  • Because you choose your own cover rate!
  • Because ALLIANZ Home+ provides you with full protection of your household!
Dangerous situations covered by the insurance
  • Fire, thunderbolt, explosion, storm, flood and torrent
  • Plumbing and sewage leak
  • Entry and theft, robbery and vandalism after the robbery
  • Glass breakage
  • Responsibilities as a private person
What does the insurance cover?
  • Yours and your household members` properties
  • Properties for your own use, consumption and decoration
  • Properties of special value
  • Wall paint, wood joinery, floor, wall and ceiling coverings and shutters
  • Sunblinds and aerials
  • Personal identifications and documents
  • Household belongings in the subsidiary spaces
  • Household belongings owned by the third party
  • Belongings of the client taken by him to some other appartment
  • Robbery out of the place of insurance
  • Plumbing and sewage repair expenses
  • Damages as a result of terrorism or political motives

If you are interested in the household and property insurance contact our agency by telephone, fax machine or e-mail or directly by filling in the contact form. You will be appointed a desk officer who will provide you with sum insured and product pricing..

Please, fill in all the information requested. If otherwise, your query will be invalid. Thank you!

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I request to be contacted by the the representative of Allianz insurance Ltd. to introduce me to ALLIANZ Home+, sum insured and product pricing with the additional discount of 10%.(this special offer is valid only if you insure your real estate through our agency)]

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